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Sep 24, 2010 11:00pm PDT
arrest accused of fixing tickets in exchange for cash. vic lee reports from fremont. >> hernandez was arrested in late august. deputies say he got caught up in a sting by alameda county sheriff's office in the fremont courthouse. a woman they are not identifying came up to the traffic window to pay a ticket. a source says it was a large fine. deputies say hernandez offered to fix the ticket in return for cash. instead, she reported the bribe offer. sources tell us they were $100 bills. the woman then handed the money over to hernandez as deputies watched. this is sergeant jd nelson. >> that person did go forward and do that, had their record taken care of at basically a third less than what it would have cost. >> reporter: earlier last week, felix chavez was arrested after court officials launched an investigation to see who else may have been involved. >> after we arrested mr. hernandez we did an audit and found discrepancies. >> the alameda court administrators denied our request for an interview. they said according to judicial cannons of et thuks and other restrictions, they w
Sep 8, 2010 12:30am EDT
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Sep 20, 2010 12:00pm PDT
:00 this morning. as jade hernandez reports there's a lot of drivers who need to know if they plan to use it. >> reporter: this is the first- ever express lane work. solo drivers stop wishing you were carpooling. >> for us it will be 1.50. because we're going to mission. if we were going all the way it could be $1.75. >> right now the most important thing for drivers to understand is the double white line they can't cross. that's difficult from a regular carpool. >> reporter: the lane stretches 14 miles with only three entrances beginning at highway 8 4 with sunol. sensors over the toll lanes will charge the drivers' fastrack device. drivers are using fastrack to pay the toll or a carpooler with their transponder is still up. a that's -- that's a green signal. a yellow shows they are using this illegally. this is the first ever toll lane in northern california but it won't be the last. drivers can expect to see these expression lanes pop up all over first on 580 eastbound and then on 580 westbound the following year. in fremont, jade hernandez. >>> 41,000 people are attending the oracle conv
Sep 29, 2010 11:00pm EDT
concurrido barrio de nuestra capital... alfredo miranda nos cuenta mas.. maria hernandez trabaja muy cerca del lugar donde ayer se produjo un tiroteo yo trabajo todos los dias aqui y salgo a las nueve y media y me preocupa que hay mucha violencia, de la enrtoncey aqui ha habido varias... en este alleytambien han matado a otra persona entonces hay bastan te violencia y da mmiedo porque uno trabaja aqui todos dias y preocupa. comenzo en eshace tiempo y es preocupante pues lo que sucedio ayer, sucedio frente a oficiales de la policia que estaban ahi en el funeral. el crecimiento de la vioencia en washington segun este activista, tiene una explicacion. la violencia de las pandillas es una crisis en esta zona. siempre lo ha sido. causa... resultado de la ignorancia, de la falta de educacion de recursos, de niños que estan solos en la calle... la policia arresto a brandon miller de veintiun aÑos a quien acusa de asesinato en primer grado. la policia de esta en busca de por lo menos otra persona ademas de informacion sobre u
Sep 28, 2010 4:30am PDT
unsolved. the evidence is just as puzzling. jodi hernandez reports the husband of one of the victims participates a bizarre picture. >> reporter: he's the man who may hold the answers in the east bay killing spree, but he isn't talking. police arrested 72-year-old charles after discovering the bodies of his wife and wife's friend at his vallejo house and fining boxes and boxes of chemicals and other materials that could be used to make explosives. also at strt of the case is a machine who killed three others. he once lived we're his wife at the home and his attorney said he terrorized them for years. >> where in the world is this case. >> reporter: they got ahold of search warrants and court documents and went over it with legal analyst and evidence expert daniel horowitz. that includes 12 pages of chemicals and explosive materials. >> he has things to deliver and he's got things that ohm can be used for explosives and chemicals whose purpose will be to make explosives. how does he explain that? a hobby? >> they shed more light on the killings. they wrapped both bodies in plastic. on
Sep 29, 2010 5:00pm PDT
. without child care, many say they can't continue to work. jody hernandez is live in downtown oakland where parents and teachers and kids held a big demonstration. >> reporter: hundreds of people gathered here to get the message out. time is running out to keep state-funded day care centers open. thousands of bay area parents may soon be forced to make some very tough choices if funding for day care centers runs dry. and that day is quickly approaching. state-funded preschool classrooms across the bay area closed for the day to show what will happen if lawmakers don't pass a budget soon. >> we're not sure what's going to happen. we're not sure what we're going to do. our lives, our families, our communities are in jeopardy. >> reporter: hundreds of day care providers and the families that depend on them marched from fremont to oakland. where they rallied outside the state building, demanding a budget that includes funding for child care. >> without day care, which we really depend on to do our job, i mean, we would be missing out on the income because both of us can't continue to take time
Sep 2, 2010 5:00pm PDT
have team coverage tonight. we begin with jodi hernandez live in vallejo where police are having a tough time answering some of the key questions in this case. jodi? >> reporter: police are trying to piece this all together tonight, what i can tell you is that the coroner's office has completed the autopsy of the woman whose body was found in the backyard of this yellow house you see behind me. the coroner also started the autopsy of the second woman who was found dead inside the house late this afternoon. we are told it will take a couple weeks to get the results of those autopsies. we are also learning more about the chemicals police found inside the house. investigators have confirmed they removed a box labelled depleted uranium from inside the home. the atf is analyzing the contents of that box tonight to determine what was inside. meanwhile, those who knew the victims of the killing spree are grieving tonight. a steady stream of cards and flowers are pouring in to the vallejo salon where jenny worked and police believe she was taken against her will by her boyfriend. >> grea
Sep 16, 2010 11:30am PDT
. a san jose police suppose person told me the driver of the car is 19-year-old jose antonio hernandez. he was treated for minor injuries at the hopital and then booked into the santa clara county jail on several charges, including two counts of vehicular manslaughter. the two passengers in his backseat of the green ford explorer died in this hoific crash. the passenger in the front seat suffered moderate injuries and is at a local hospital. the chp is not commenting yet on whether this was an actual pursuit or chase but police say a chp unit did make contact with the driver of the explorer at st. james and notre dame which is about eight blocks from here. the driver took off and lost control of hills car here at st. james an fifth street slamming into a parked jeep cherokee and then careened forward. >> after collidi with that vehicle,t continued eastbound and struck a utility trailer, a little box trailer travels attached to a pickup truck, i believe a ford pickup truck. with that, with the impact being so great, the trailer continued forward and it actually push the pickup truck forward
Sep 1, 2010 12:00pm PDT
they have the motive in at least two of those. >> good afternoon, i am jade hernandez. it is the only televised debate between senator barbara boxer and her opponent carly fiorina, a live report coming up. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> good afternoon. we begin with several new developments in a bizarre killing spree across three bay area cities. at this point five people are confirmed dead, including the suspect, who was killed by police after a high speed chase last night. >>> two women reported missing a week ago have also turned up dead. the son of an elderly victim, found dead several days ago, is still missing. >>> there are several locations involved in this case, in hercules, richmond and vallejo, the atf is investigating a house full of potentially explosive chemicals that lead to the evacuation of neighbors this morning. we have team coverage on this complex and developing story. kraig debro will have more on the suspect but we begin with claudine wong. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori, yes, membe
Sep 2, 2010 12:00pm PDT
hernandez has details. >> reporter: after halloween it appears san carlos residents won't see police officers patrolling their neighborhoods. the city can't afford the police department and it looks as if the county sheriff's office will take over. tonight the san carlos city counsel will hold a special meeting to discuss the swap. city officials did not want to layoff police officers so they shopped around for an outside entity to take the department over. the sheriff's office went out when the department promise today rehire all of the police officers with most of the 26 sworn officers assuming an equal rank at the county level and a bump in pay. the officers would also be exempt from layoffs their first year at the county level. the police chief would be a captain and oversee the burro. the only downside, part-time workers and volunteers, three or four people might not retain status. city officials say patrolling neighborhoods wouldn't change that much but what about the police department building? it would become a substation for employees and former officers. the rest of the per
Sep 8, 2010 12:00pm PDT
a tram that would run between bart and the oakland airport. we have jade hernandez with the update. >> reporter: good afrnoon. we are one vote away from finding out if a tram is in riders future. in fact, inside the building right now, 37 people came before the commissioners. their opinions were split. the commissioners just wrapped up the public comment section of the meeting. they are still discussing. traveling frequently, alex hops bart often. >> it is easy to get on the bus at $3. it isnicee to not have -- it is nice to get to sfo. it is a nice option. >> reporter: convenience is outweighing the tram you see in the artist rendering. >> this is not the most convenient system. if they had something closer to the airport, i'm all for that. >> reporter: commissioners are deciding whether or not to set aside $20 million. state funds would offset $70 million of federal money lost this year. the railing public support is looking for cheaper options like bus travel lanes. >> it is the same mentality. we have to be forward thinking. 20 years from now, this is going to look like it was
Sep 10, 2010 12:00pm PDT
care of those who survive but have been evacuated. ktvu's jade hernandez has been in one of the shelters where she's heard some incredible stories. >> in here? >> after spending the night with her son in pacifica, she came to the red cross shelter this rning. >> at first, i thought the world was coming to an end. it's so devastating. >> she came to register to let thorities know she's still alive. >> she got out with practically nothing, my purse, my meds. it's still in my house. >> i'm thankful for god giving our family a second chance to live. >> 18-year-old walterman told to volunteers for an overnight bed. over a dozen evacuees spent the night. six more evacuees spent the night in a senior center. as volunteers sorted. donations continued to pour in. >> when you see your neighbor's homes on fire and people you know you could pick out, you know, your friend's houses, it's kind of sad. at the same time, it makes you want to come and help. >> so we just thought we'd bring coffee this morning. maybe that would help out a little bit. >> the director of the centers training
Sep 14, 2010 12:00pm PDT
of rate increases. ktvu's jade hernandez has more on that part of the story. good afternoon, jade. >> reporter: good afternoon. pg&e backed a proposal last year which is being discussed today, have utility customers helped -- help pay for the gasline explosion. but there's concern that this area might face a fee hike because it might be categorized as a wildfire. "wildfire" under the new proposal is defined to include any uncontrolled fire, urban or rural, larger than an air acre that destroyed -- than an acre that destroys houses or buildings. pg&e said the san bruno area would not be considered a wildfire. so the residents would not be affected and the utility her faces a rate increase. so this proposal, pg&e says, is really a formal. but the difference is the future was to implement the fee hike without going before the p.u.c. the commission, the p.u.c., has a right to foot the bill. >> the san bruno explosion would not apply to a wildfire. pg&e has $190 billion in liability insurance to cover costs. >> you give them a free hand, they will take everything you have got. you have
Sep 16, 2010 12:00pm PDT
and the collision. >> the driver, 19-year-old jose antonio hernandez will likely be cited for vehicular manslaughter, felony dui, driving on a suspended license and possession of a controlled substance. >>> officers you a wounded a man -- officers wounded a man this morning. jade hernandez has more on this. >> reporter: good afternoon. a man trying to elude police pulls a gun and opens fire. in turn those officers opened fire on that men. investigators this afternoon are looking into whether or not that man was a man that police were looking for with outstanding robbery warrants. john steinberger lives a block away. >> i heard about four or five shots. and then i heard another one about ten minutes after. >> reporter: steinberger drove away from where officers were, still bothered by what woke him up. >> and then i heard a single shot and i came outside and saw a car at high speed coming down this way. at that point, i got nervous for my kid whose bedroom window is on the outside. >> reporter: contra costa county sheriff crime lab technicians weren't the only ones who worked through the night after
Sep 21, 2010 12:00pm PDT
, proposition number 19, regarding legalizing marijuana. jade hernandez has more from san francisco. >> reporter: good afternoon. what happens if california legalizes marijuana. no one knows for sure, but the opponents and supporters of prop 19 met on opposite sides of the bay. proposition 19 is a california ballot initiative which would legalize marijuana. the battle continues over those voters and those who see legalization as a way to fight the war on pot and have police focus efforts on most serious crimes. in china town this morning, several groups presented information show lag they say are the effects of marijuana and what it can do to the brain. the press conference began at 10:30 at san francisco. opponents who gathered also say legalizing marijuana will create chaos and force local governments to disregard federal law. the mind-altering substance itself can create a lot of detrimental defect, such as abuse, intoxications, wicket drawl -- wicket drawal -- withdrawal. >> there is a controlled substances act in 1970. under that act, marijuana is a controlled substance. california cannot p
Sep 22, 2010 12:00pm PDT
's jade hernandez joins us now to explain what happened and how it could have been ch worse. good afternoon, jade. >> reporter: well, good afternoon. the situation definitely could have been worse but windy conditions saved firefighters from having to evacuate buildings and upgraded to a very serious gas break. now, i want you to take a look now. you can pg&e crews still working out here this afternoon. they'll be working the rest of the afternoon to repair the 2- inch plastic gas line break. crews clamped down on the pipe and shut off the leak about a half hour ago. >> they are safe. nobody hurt. they should all be able to attend their classes. >> reporter: crews alerted police and fire and they arrived. we're told the fire department was not worried about the possibility of an explosion. by the time the wind carried the leaking gas into the atmosphere, the gas became too weak to ignite. the fire department did not have to evacuate since many students were already heading to class when the break was noticed and the wind was in their favor. >> the university does contain about 14,
Sep 24, 2010 12:00pm PDT
in california for the first time in five years. jade hernandez joins us live now with more. good afternoon, jade. >> reporter: well good afternoon. the state attorney general has pushed a fed rap judge to resume lethal injections, a decision is expected sometime today. we are live on treasure island this afternoon. earlier we spoke to lance lindsey in san francisco. he opposes the death penalty and heads death penalty focus. he told us if a federal judge in san jose reinstates the death penalty expect marchs and protests all over the state. he indicated church opponents and others will rally tuesday, the day before the first scheduled execution in san quintin in five years, this after prison officials say they have ensured the process meets humane standards. >> there is no right way to do the wrong thing. there is no humane way to strap a human being down to a table and methodically ritual is tickly poison to death. >> this is a picture of the man executed next wednesday. albert greenwood brown was convicted of the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl. should the judge to order the execution wo
Sep 27, 2010 12:00pm PDT
? jade hernandez has discovered the opposition both inside and outside of city hall. >> reporter: a strawberry shortcake doll, these toys are a sweet deal for little ones. but it pushed this san francisco supervisor -- >> why is the city so afraid of this measly ordinance? because it cuts into their billions of dollars of profits from the disney, to the other characters. >> reporter: santa clara has already adopted a similar law which only covers unincorporated parts of the county and aonly -- and only affects four businesses. this man owns 19 of the mcdonald's in san francisco. >> it's about a choice. parents can have apple dippers instead of french fries. instead of a coke, they can replace that with a milk or juice. >> reporter: opposition is also coming from inside city hall. mayor gavin newsom says eliminating a toy like this one isn't necessarily the best way to get kids to eat healthier. >> i don't really think most parents are going to make that the major determining factor. i don't see it as much of an issue. and i think it would be better if the cities didn't weigh in o
Sep 29, 2010 11:00pm PDT
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Sep 15, 2010 6:00pm EDT
>juan hernandez/ "republicanos hispanos de texas" "todo el mundo quiere que los republicanos sean los malos y que los democratas sean los buenos , no es asi hay un area gris aqui muy grande que los dos . ninguno de los dos partidos nos ha cumplido!" se espera un posible voto en el senado en una o dos semanas, la estrategia sera evitar enmiendas relacionadas con un mayor control de seguridad clarisa martinez/analista del concilio nacional de la raza "es un voto si o no y el de no permitir que se le agregen una serie de enmiendas que ueden llevar al fracaso o simplemente usar al dream act como un vehiculo para pasar una serie de medidas anti-inmigrantes... " claudia uceda/univision washington y de aprobarse el acta de los suenos, se espera afectaria a mas de dos millones de personas. en washington claudia uceda univision mientras tanto en virginia, activistas latinos se volcaron en contra de iniciativas del gobernador reicano bob mcdonnell que ha ruido rechazar los permisos de trabajo federales como prue
Sep 25, 2010 8:00am PDT
of fixing tickets in exchange for cash. vic lee reports. >> juan hernandez was arrested in lays a august after deputies say he got caught in a sting set up by the sheriff's office. a woman, though not identifying, came up to the traffic window to pay a ticket. twa as large fine. deputies say hernandez offered to fix the ticket in return for cash. instead she reported the bribe offer. >> according to sources, the deputies gave her marked bills. one source says they were hundred dollar bills. the woman handed over the money to hernandez as deputies watched. >> this is jsmd d.nelson. >> that person did go forward and do that. had their records taken care of. >> earlier last week, fe licks chavez was arrested. >> after we arrested mr. hernandez, we fond discrepancies and a that point mr. chavez was also arrested. >> they declined our request for an interview but they did issue a statement confirming the arrest. but according to other restrictions, we're unable to comment on pending cases and related personnel issues. but appropriate administrative actions have been taken. both the court and
Sep 1, 2010 5:00am PDT
for the first major debate of the election season. jade hernandez is at st. mary's college ahead of tonight's face off between senator barbara boxer and her republican challenger carl i fiorina, jade. >> reporter: both candidates have been campaigning but tonight's debate is very important. we are live at st. mary's college this morning where yesterday workers were still getting the stage ready. this is the first and so far only scheduled debate. this is employees and workers getting ready for the debate tonight. it is a much anticipated discussion between the two candidates and one all experts are eyeing to see who prevails. senator barbara boxer the incumbent, has been elected three times, the first back in 1993. she spoke to the commonwealth yesterday in san francisco and although she did not mention carl i fiorina's name she was passionate about her stance that the economy began falling apart under bush and democrats kept it from getting worse. she wants one more term. carl i fiorina on the other hand campaigned in the central valley yesterday. show accused them of failing to do enough
Sep 6, 2010 6:00am PDT
is trying to get rid of them by eliminating its dollar menu. jade hernandez joins us now from san francisco with more on the story. >> reporter: good morning. a buck used to go a long way at mcdonalds. it used to get you a god size mcdouble. not anymore. we are live at this mock donald's in the height ashbury neighborhood, the only mcdonalds which has done away with its dollar menu. the sign says no trespassing, no lightering and a 30 minute time limit while consuming food, all rules could curb problems this particular mcdonalds has had with the homeless outside its doors, the chronicle reports this morning the franchise owner of this mcdonalds took away the menu about a month ago, homeless people are upset saying it was pulled to get them to go elsewhere. the difference in price is a couple of quarters. the article states that the franchise owner says she doesn't offer the dollar menu anymore based on a number of factors, none of which have anything to do with the homeless but for now customers, whether they are homeless or not, won't have a choice, if they want a dollar menu they will hav
Sep 7, 2010 6:00am PDT
shot at 36th street and west street. ktvu channel 2 reporter jade hernandez joins us now from oakland with more on all this violence, jade. >> reporter: good morning. investigations are not unusual in oakland but last night the calls began rolling in. three shootings all within an hour as you minced. the first happened at foothill boulevard and 62nd avenue where a man was shot. someone shot the man in the back. let's take a look at that video right there. while officers were helping that victim someone drove up to them and reported another shooting on 79th avenue and holly streets. officers found a woman there. her finger had been shot off. paramedics rushed her to highland hospital. then decision patchers sent officers on their third shooting of the night. two victims were found in that shooting, a man and woman. their injuries were more severe, it appears they were sitting in their car when they were shot. both were rushed to highland hospital and surgery once they arrived. they are in critical condition. at this point these shootings don't seem to be connected but no information wa
Sep 10, 2010 6:00am PDT
into the air, it jumped from home to home with poiferl winds stirring the flames. >> jade hernandez is at one of the shelters but first let's go to claudine wong. >> reporter: good morning, dave, yes, we are on glenview and skyview, as close to the command post as they will allow us at this hour. take a look but hind me we can see activity over there. we have seen fire instructions arrive and emergency personnel. ins chiewper two told us we are about three blocks from the actual fire area, firefighters are making progress, there is mostly smoke being seen so neighborhoods certainly much different from these pictures we saw yesterday and overnight when this explosion rocked the neighborhood last night and created -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: -- in its wake. at this hour the priority is still getting this fire out. again we are seeing a lot of smoke coming from that neighborhood. you have the victim's number expected to keep changing as they are trying to account for everyone. the lieutenant governor's office is also trying to get a handle on the situation. abel maldonado has declared a stat
Sep 16, 2010 5:00am PDT
have developing news. this is coming from con cord. police are investigating a shooting. jade hernandez is on the scene with details now. >> reporter: police have four squad cars right out here blocking this section here. we'll turn the camera all the way around. you can see there are squad cars around the block. this is where the shooting may have taken place this morning. detectives seem to be concentrating on the area near devon and ashbury. dispatch sent police out here around 2 this morning. what we understand is a man was walking along the street. he looked very suspicious. they thought he may have been wanted for a warrant. the man turned around and opened fire. the officers shot and wounded him. no one else was hurt at this point. we understand there will be a briefing in about a half hour. they are trying to gather as much details as they can so they can pass along that information to us. all we know right now is this was an officer involved shooting and one man was taken to the hospital. we don't moe the extent of his injuries. in about 30 minutes we can give you an up did a.
Sep 10, 2010 11:00pm PDT
that neighborhood, pg&e allowed a few reporters to walk through the ashes. among them, our own jodi hernandez. vicky nguyen joins us to show up the first hundred-close ground video. to see it is just stunning. >> reporter: absolutely, jessica. jodi and the photographer were on the first crew on the ground. they had about 30 minutes to survey the scene firsthand. as jodi said, it's unlike she's ever seen in 20 years of reporting. >> as we walked down that street, it changed from a normal neighborhood to a nuclear zone. >> reporter: reporter jodi hernandez giving her account of what it looks like in this san bruno neighborhood 24 hours after the explosion that killed four people and injured 52 others. >> huge chunk of pipe. it was about 25 feet long. and 30 inches wide. it blew out of the ground and blasted at least 75 feet, landing right in the middle of the street. this huge piece of pipe. imagine the force that it took. and the people who lived right there, that crater is in their front yard. >> you're a reporter. in the other sense, you're a mother of two and you're a family and imagining what th
Sep 8, 2010 11:00pm EDT
. top five, nationals down 2-0. hernandez pitching to hernandez with two outs and a man on first. luis nubs one down the line. he coolly tags him out. but the ump says huh-uh, he's safe. you didn't get him. meanwhile, r.a. dickey, the pitcher trying to go to third. he guns him down. he's tired up. he says what are you talking about? i definitely got him. take another look. and you can see that hernandez does swipe him. watch the jersey. you can see it move. even t runner knew he was out. he ran out of the baseline, so he was out anyway. bottom five. wilson ramos playing catcher for pudge rodriguez who didn't feel well. and wilson ramos steps up large. his first career pay dirt. a home run ties the game at 2-2. ramos came over from minnesota. and the nationals, very excited about this young guy. he is the catcher of the future. top seven, still tied at 2-2. sean burnett in on relief. facing pinch-hitter nick evans with a runner on. and evans seals the deal. singles it right. josh comes in to score. the mets win, 3-2. >>> tennis at the u.s. open. five-time champ and second seeded roger f
Sep 25, 2010 5:00am PDT
of fixing tickets in exchange for cash. vic lee reports from fremont. >> juan hernandez was arrested in late august after deputies and say he got caught in a sting set up by the sheriff's office in the fremont courthouse. a woman they're not identifying came up to the traffic window to pay a ticket. a source says it was a large fine. deputies and say hernandez offered to fix the ticket and return for cash. instead she reported the bribe offer. according to sources familiar with what happened, the deputies and gave the woman marked bills. one source tells us they were $100 bills. the woman then handed the money over to hernandez as deputies and watched. >> this is sheriff's spokesman j. d. melton. >> that person did in fact go forward and do that, had their record taken care of, basically a third less what it would have cost. >> chavez was arrested after an investigation was launched to see who else may have been involved. >> after we arrested mr. hernandez they did an audit and found discrepancies. >> alameda county court administrators declined our request for an interview. they said accord
Sep 8, 2010 6:00am PDT
light this morning. ktvu's jade hernandez is in oakland right now. i know you're talking to riders what time are they saying? >> reporter: dave, this morning we're live at the coliseum platform. passengerred passengers signed off. >> it would be easier if there was a connector straight to the city airport. >> i live in berkeley and it's almost as easy to go to sfo because it's roughly -- it's a little bit longer but not much because there's a direct train and no bus. >> reporter: bart riders headed to the airport hop off here at the coliseum bart station, then pay an extra $3 for a bus ride to the airport. now several riders found themselves scrounging for change. only one small obstacle when traveling to the oakland airport via bart. many of the riders we spoke to already heard about bart's proposal to connect the oakland airport and coliseum bart station with the tram. bart would spend between $68 and $120 in taxpayer money per new rider for the rail extension known as the tram. here's an artist rendering of what it would look like. carry riders 3.2 miles on elevated track. the total
Sep 28, 2010 7:00am PDT
in jeopardy. overnight, an appeals court weighed in and ordered the judge to reconsider. jade hernandez is at san quentin right now with more on this. >> reporter: good morning. the state of california has 700 inmates on death row. the first execution to take place in years is now scheduled for thursday night. we're live at san quentin state prison this morning. the execution is contingent on a few things. the 9th court circuit of appeals told the judge he had to reconsider the stay and consider the new lethal injection to the state's former practices. the availability of the drug used had to be considered. the maker of the drug has said another dose of this drug may not be available until january of 2011. the execution would be the first in nearly five years and would be the last until next year. executions have been hold on 2006, when the federal judge in san jose found the lethal injection procedures were flawed which posts a risks of causing extreme pain in violation of the ban on cruel and unusual punishment. the courts are not the last line of defense when it comes to halting exec
Sep 3, 2010 7:00am PDT
. >> reporter: good morning. i'm jade hernandez. the alameda county sheriff's office need your help finding these two men. they are connected to a kidnapping and murder case case. we'll have more on that. "mornings on 2" will be right back. >>> we want to update this morning's breaking news from salinas. a helicopter went down on highway 101 near the salinas airport. it happened about 6:10 this morning. investigators say the one person flying the chopper, who was the only person on board, suffered minor injuries. southbound 101 is closed near airport boulevard because the chopper freewayed over on the freeway and spilled some fuel. caltrans crews are cleaning that up right now. so far, there's no word if the accident has affected any flights at salinas airport. ktvu's claudine wong is heading to the scene and will have a live report shortly. >>> we'res following this -- we're also following this story, seven people stranded on a boat. the coast guard says their boat became stuck last night near solano county. newschopper2 got some shots over the scene and is live there right now. you can se
Sep 17, 2010 7:00am PDT
at location. ktvu's jade hernandez is at the park regency apartments right now. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. [ no audio ] >> reporter: one man is already accuse of three other assaults is still behind bars this morning. so who is responsible for last night's attack? management, according to the resident we spoke to this morning, hired a few more security guards after the last assault. all of these assaults have taken place since late june. the latest happened last night around 6:00 in the evening last night. a woman told the contra costa sheriff's office she was attacked while inside her apartment. they said the woman followed the woman into the gate of her apartment and then into her apartment and then assaulted her. >> yeah. i thought they caught the guy and it was all okay. i guess it's not. >> reporter: this is the man still behind bars in connection with the three other assaults at park regency apartments. this man, a berkeley man. his family and girlfriend said he is innocent. we contacted the spokesman for the sheriff's office and as soon as we get an updat
Sep 24, 2010 6:00pm PDT
to pay a ticket. a source says this was a large fine. depsy tis say hernandez offered to fix the ticket in return for cash. and instead, she reported the bribe offer. >> according to sources familiar with what happened, the deputies gave the woman marked bills. one source tells us they were $100 bills. our sources say the woman then handed the money over to hernandez. as deputies watched. >> this is sheriff's spokesman sargeant jd nelson. >> the person did go forward to do that. had their record taken care of at a third less. >> early last week, felix chavez was arrested after there was an investigation to see who else may have been involved. >> and they did an audit and found discrepancis. at this point, mr. chavez was arrested. >> administrators declined our request for an interview and issued a statement and said by and other restrictions were unable to comment in related percent issues and appropriate actions have been taken. both say they're investigating. >> this investigation is owe-to-see how far back it goes. >> and now, hernandez is charged with accepting a bribe, embezzlement
Sep 1, 2010 6:00am PDT
and where that storm hits. >> reporter: and good morning, i am jade hernandez. it is the first televised debate between senator barbara boxer and carly fiorina. more coming up. >> that traffic is moving along pretty well -- [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ] >>> well, good morning to you, welcome back. here is a quick look at some of the store stories we are folic for you right now at 6:44. >>> he was wanted for the fatal beating of a man and he disappearance of his son. police found the body of his girlfriend in his car and they have connected him to the violent deaths of two women. we will continue our team coverage at 7:00. >>> also just hours from now in san francisco apple founder steve jobs will reveal the company's latest secret announcement, as usual there is no advance word from apple. there are reports steve jobs will announce a makeover for the ipod so it resembles the iphone 4. tourists on north carolina outer bank islands have been told they have got to leave. earl has been downgraded to a category 3 storm but it still has 125 mile an hour winds. >> preparations are underway for th
Sep 10, 2010 5:00am PDT
is for people who may still be out there and those who have evacuated. jade hernandez is at a shelter in san bruno. >> reporter: i told you earlier i would give you information on how you can help and we have stepped inside one of the shelters this morn and i want to show you first off they have everything sectioned off. volunteers have the perishable items. people have brought in water and peaches and bagels and even got the clothes all separated and they are sorting this morning. joining us is colleen williams, she is a volunteer here this morning and i understand that you have been sorting for a couple of hours now. >> yeah, i think since about midnight, we started about maybe 12:30, 1:00. >> a lot of people have come down here to bring down items. i know the red cross is asking for monetary donations now, because obviously too many items in a building like this is not a good thing. >> uh-huh, i think that is probably true, although i think people will want to give what they want to give as well, so i think i noticed that when people arrived with their things it was very personal contribu
Sep 15, 2010 6:00am PDT
a fatal shooting that happened right at the victim's front door. jade hernandez is in the bayview district this morning and has talked to relatives of the victim. jade. >> reporter: well, san francisco police just opened up part of the street about 20 minutes ago. we did speak with family members and police this morning about what happened last night. family members tell us that 57- year-old dennis wayne dixon was shot in the doorway of his apartment, that is the apartment with the light on the porch and his stepson was tied up and beaten. take a look at this. paramedics rushed him to the hospital. we are told the stepson lived here with him and may soon be released from the hospital later this morning. the details which led up to the shooting are not complete yet. initially police confirmed this was a home invasion but the victims and suspects may have known each other. his mother was told her son pulled up to the apartment and exchanged words with the suspects which is when they tried to force themselves into the apartment. that is when dennis dixon was shot in the doorway. we are even h
Sep 16, 2010 5:00pm PDT
. the driver 19-year-old jose antonio hernandez will likely be charged with driving under a suspended license and possession of a controlled substance. >>> an unusual sight today at the bay. specifically what was caught on the bow of that cargo ship. john sasaki is live in oakland to explain what happened, john. >> reporter: actually we're standing on the northern edge of the alameda station, the naval air station here right across from the port of oakland. right there you can see that whale is still hanging on the front of the cargo ship known as the northern vitality. from a distance it's hard to tell exactly what it is and it's pretty amazing to see it stuck on the boat, especially so high off the water. here's the view from news chopper 2. fish and game wardens and experts from the marine mammal center came out to investigate. one warden believes it may have been dead before it got stuck because it was missing it's tail. people in the shoreline could not believe their eyes. >> i didn't realize until i seen it, it's amazing. >> what do you think of it. >> it's crazy. a big whale. >> it app
Sep 20, 2010 5:00am PDT
's jade hernandez is live right now. she'll bring us the latest in about an hour. you can find out more information on the new interstate 680 toll lane by going to our channel 2 website, >>> right now, it's 5:06. let's check back in with sal for a look at the entire commute. how does it look, sal? >> looks okay, pam and dave. so far, we're off to a nice start here. as we're looking at the east shore freeway, no problems here on the way to the bay bridge toll plaza. and if you're trying to get into san francisco, it is a nice drive. there is a warning, though, fog over on the east bay. if you're going over there, just be careful. visibility may be down in some areas. now, let's go to traffic with steve. >> we still have some clouds left over from the system that came by over the weekend. it weakened and gave us a little rain. not a lot. it's long gone but the low clouds are in place. there's another weak system which will be in here for another cooldown on tuesday, wednesday. but all signs, point toward a pretty good warmup as we get toward the weekend. there you go. patchy low
Sep 24, 2010 5:00am PDT
into an accident early this morning. jade hernandez is -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: i can tell you the good news is that crews have uprighted this big rig that came off the off-ramp, the columbus parkway off-ramp too fast this morning. what you are looking at is the wrup uprighted big rig and what it was carrying. the driver is going to be all right but the highway patrol tells me he took it too fast. it flipped his big rig and all thed so came off. it is still under investigation at this point. the chp is optimistic they are going to get this cleaned up in 45 minutes. i was told the on-ramp to westbound i-80 is still open. if you go past where this accident is, i have been told it is a mix of residential businesses -- slash businesses, so anyone coming through this area may have to be rerouted for the next hour or so. we are live here in vallejo, we will bring you the latest from the chp, live, jade hernandez, back to you. >> 5:01. another tragic accident overnight. a bicyclist hit and killed on a bay area freeway. this happened on interstate highway 505 after 1:00 this morning. police say an
Sep 27, 2010 5:00am PDT
hernandez we are in san francisco where the city is looking at banning toys in kid's meals, the story straight ahead. >> they are just one of w thee few to get donations to help kids get through college. >> they are blocking the two left lanes in berkeley, we will tell you how much likely -- how much longer it is going to be there. ñsxóxgñ >>> good morning. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news, monday, september 27th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. time now is just about 5:30. pretty hot over the weekend. what is it going to be like today seen. >> well except right by the water's edge it is going to be warm to hot. really hot for some, let's get to the highs, there they are. once you hit 100 what difference does it make? it is hot. i told you it is hot. napa 98, santa rosa 98. now the coast, 70s, 80s to maybe near 90. here is sal. >> all right. steve, right now traffic is affected by police activity. the fire department has now arrived. it was a crash that ended up in an injury crash, east 80 near ashby avenue. the two left lanes are blocked. this
FOX News
Sep 9, 2010 7:00pm EDT
a couple of prior shootings, right? >> yeah. the officer's name, shep is frank hernandez. he has been with the los angeles police department for 13 years. according to police records uncovered by the "l.a. times." he has had two prior shootings before this, the first one happened back in 1999 when officer hernandez shot and wounded a bank robbery suspect, a female who apparently pointed her gun at officer hernandez and his partner. and then in 2008, he shot and wounded an 18-year-old assault suspect who also pointed his gun at officer hernandez and his partner. the latest shooting though, of course, has sparked three days of protests and riots. not just the local people in mcarthur park. we're talking about some outside groups getting involved in this as well, handing out fliers and some cases causing trouble. we have talked about the arrests being made here. we have now confirmed that two people have been formally charged with setting bonfires at these protests and, yes, again tonight, shep, the l.a.p.d. expecting more protests out in that area. >> shepard: all right, now, the man wa
Sep 15, 2010 2:30am PDT
julio pasado pidio asilo en "estados unidos".--"alejandro hernandez pacheco" quien fuera camarografo de "televisa torreon" ya vive de este lado de la frontera pues, teme por su vida.-Él denuncio que las autoridades mexicanas lo expusieron a los criminales tras llevarlo con engaÑos a una rueda de prensa en la que dice, solo lo usaron para "levantarse el cuello" a sus costillas. --asegura que despues de eso no se le brindo proteccion alguna.--acompaÑado por su abogado, reitero que su liberacion no se dio gracias a un operativo policial sino a que sus captores los dejaron ir. ...pasemos con bernardo osuna y un adelanto de la accion deportiva x Ñ mas adelante en noticias univision 14... casi todos queremos lucir jovenes por siempre.y ahora un cientifico ruso dice que ya encontro la fuente de la eterna juventud. [bip] hablar con sus niños sobre terminar la escuela no es fácil, pero es necesario. llame a 866-estudia o vaya a para materiales que pueden ayudar. ---la pildora contra la vejez esta a punto de ser inventada. ---un cientifico ruso lleva mas de 40 aÑos desarrolland
Sep 9, 2010 6:00am PDT
hernandez is now at the police station with more information on the story. jade. >> reporter: good morning. it's bad enough when you know that your neighbor got shot. but then to come outside and realize that you heard 30 shots, that makes it even worse. we're live in oakland in front of police headquarters where they're investigating the shooting this morning. we spoke to a man who lives across the street from the woman who was shot last night around 10:30. scarier is that the woman is not believed to be the intended target. the fight outside of the house involving someone else who lived there may have led to the woman opening her door and then being shot three times including once to the chest. police were not releasing any information about the woman this morning but the neighbor told us he thought she was in her 50sliveing with a big family along the 1200 block of 87th avenue. the man we spoked to just moved into the neighborhood. he says he heard 30 shots fired. he immediately hit the floor. what scared him the most is that those shots sounded like they came from an assault rifle. he
Sep 14, 2010 11:00pm EDT
lost six in a row. let's go back to a plan appeare. hernandez doubled and had this home run in the fourth. they went on to beat atlanta 6- 0. the blueto baltimore, jays and orioles. that is deep right field. the orioles go on to beat toronto 11-3. the birds are 25-15 under buck showalter. what a turnaround. reggie bush has returned his heisman trophy. usc has already returned its copy of bush's trophy. he is the first player in the history of the word -- of the award to vacate the heisman. >> this kenmore elite multi-motion washer... how does that work? hit it! see, other machines only go in circles. this kenmore elite has multi-motions for a custom clean. it scrubs to help lift stains, rolls to wash gently, swings, steps, and tumbles. better than just circles, what! sorry. get 15% off all kenmore appliances and an extra 5% with your sears card. plus save up to an additional $250 instantly with our appliance trade in program. sears. >>> we just want to give you an update. he is making an acceptance speech this evening. looks like he got the results. we will have all the resu
Sep 20, 2010 11:00pm EDT
. hernandez pros a ball and he checks into right field. houston beat washington 8-2. look scott, look at this pitch. he scores easily. the birds have won 11 of their 18 games. fans are still talking about the mascot mugging in columbus over the weekend. here we go. you think this is not a cheap shot? here he comes. he has been banned from the games. he does not even go to the school. he is enrolled at nearby hockey college. bobcat's coach said ohio needed to tackle somebody with a ball, not the mascot. he was escorted out. finally, all of the maryland fans, they are on high alert. they are favored by two touchdowns. you are very proud of your bobcats. >> we' ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ >> a nice day coming up. a coal beginning. temperatures start out in the 50's. a lot of sunshine. >> sounds good. from his frere jacques... [ speaking french ] [ mom ] he decided to study in paris. ♪ to see french masterpieces with his very own eyes. we even linked our c
Sep 20, 2010 6:00pm EDT de una nueva administracion de gobierno en el distrito de columbia podria originar la modificacion de los reglamentos de estacionamiento en las calles...los representantes de restaurantes y tiendas en alguno vecindarios capitalinos sostienen que los aumentos constantes del monto necesario para estacionarse en las calles junto a las multas calificadas de excesivas estaria auyentando a sus clientes... esperan que la administracion grey cambie esar regulaciones.. .fuentes cercana a grey dijeron que estudian el pedido.. millones de desemplados continuan sufriendo las consecuencias de la economia.. detalles al volver.. la recesion pleo y otro serios problemas para el desarrollo del pais habria terminado oficialmente segun los expertos.. un incendio en la base de pu ferroviario que une los barrios neoyorquinos inupcionmomentanea de todos los servicios de trenes que llegan agrcentra. las autoridades investigan las causas que han podido aunque la oficialmente ha pasado, millones de estadounidenses siguen sufriendo economicamente y para ellos muyo hoy el presidente barack
Sep 28, 2010 5:00pm PDT
area's jody hernandez is live at the uc davis campus where the debate will begin in just about an hour. jody, five weeks until the november election. now the candidates clearly have their eyes on the many voters who are still undecided in this race. >> reporter: the latest polls show a whopping 18% of voters have no idea who they're going to vote for. many of those voters are lined up here today to watch this debate for themselves. the candidates are fully aware they have an awful lot to prove. the stage is set for gubernatorial hopefuls meg whitman and jerry brown to square off face-to-face for the first time, with just five weeks in the polls showing the two running neck and neck, the stakes couldn't be higher. >> it's also the first time most californians get a glimpse of meg whitman outside of an ad. so she needs to show people of california what she would like as a person. >> jerry brown's goal has to be to convince people that he's not a has-been, that he's still very much alive and active and can govern enthusiastically. >> reporter: the public's been bombarded with negative tel
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